At Last!

It has been a very long 5 months since we have had grass worthy of grazing, but finally we have animals munching the juicy green stuff. The drought of 2016 was extremely challenging for us. This is the first group of cows and sheep to get out of their sacrifice paddock and back on grass a week ago. We are “limit grazing” them about 4 hours a day. This week we started the same practice with another group of cows in a different pasture and next week we hope to open up a third pasture. Right now green is definitely our favorite color.

2 replies on “At Last!”

  1. Mary Sarner says:

    I emailed you earlier this year about buying lamb. Do you have young lamb ready to harvest yet?
    We really want whole legs, shanks, racks, as well as ground lamb, and would love the kidneys as well.
    Could you please get back to me and let me know when we might be able to get the lamb?
    Thank you

    • Hi Mary, I’m sorry we didn’t connect via email. We have a very small flock and usually sell out in a very short time when we get lamb. We are currently waiting on our fall harvest and it will be several months before we have lamb in stock again. We usually sell our products at the Carrollton Farmer’s Market; where are you located?

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