Monthly Archives: February 2015

In the Life of a Dennis Farm Pig…

Here at Dennis Farms we like to think we have some pretty content animals.  Below are a few snapshots of what it looks like around here for a few of our pigs.  Enjoy!

Trained Pigs

Here are 3 of our sows and one of our boars (Larry).  They have been trained to eat out of their specific food bowl.  We do this with our sows to ensure that each one gets it’s full ration every day during late gestation and while lactating.  If we did not do this, the dominate sows (and boar in this case) would eat more than their share leaving the less dominate sows undernourished.  That’s Janie supervising supper.  Without one of us present, you can kiss the training good bye.

Snuggling Piggies

And above you can see a group of piggies about a week old snuggling in the late afternoon sun – much cuter than their parents!