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Dennis Farms Lawnmowers

Sheep in Yard (2)

 Dennis Farms’ Lawnmowers
An every summer ritual at Dennis Farms is Janie complaining that I spend far too much time taking care of the pastures and not near enough time taking care of the yard.  The complaining escalates in  direct relationship to the length of the grass.  By the time the grass in the yard is a foot high, my ears are really getting burned.
This year, Janie took matters into her own hands.  When the grass had gotten out of control (in Janie’s mind), she told me, “I’ve had it.  I’m putting some sheep in the yard and letting them eat it down.”
Well, I guess it must be working.  This picture of the “lawnmowers” chewing their morning cud is the 3rd time this summer the yard has been mowed.  That’s 2 more times than it usually gets mowed.  Of course, tippy-toeing around the deposits the sheep leave behind can be aggravating, but a good rain usually takes care of that.