Breeding Stock For Sale



Pigs Our purebred Tamworth pigs are pasture hardy and excellent grazers. We genetically select for those that can thrive in an environment where forage makes up a significant part of their diet and still be well muscled. They will also excel in a more conventional program where grain is the primary feed. Our sows are excellent mothers who take care not to crush the newborns. Our boars are prompt, potent breeders. The pigs co-graze the pastures with the cows and sheep except at farrowing when the sows are moved to a separate pasture so no curious cows step on a little piggy. We do not use farrowing crates. Instead we build nests for the sows in a sheltered area in the pasture. We farrow in the early spring and early fall and will have gilts, boars, and a limited number of feeders available about two months after farrowing. We generally have at least 2 unrelated litters each season so breeding pairs can be purchased. For information on available stock, please contact Greg.
Sheep Our Katahdin hair sheep are all registered and we have a Certified Scrapie Free flock. Scrapie is a brain wasting disease in sheep similar in nature to mad cow disease in cattle. Our sheep are annually inspected to maintain our scrapie free certification. Hair sheep do not require shearing in the spring and with the absence of wool, there is no lanolin to give the meat the heavy taste and smell often associated with lamb. We genetically select for twining and muscling ability in our all grass program. Our current flock ram is “Maximizer” an RR ram who, as his name implies, is a stout, well muscled ram. We lamb in the spring and have ewe lambs, ram lambs and occasionally a few ewes available in the early fall. All lambs will be vaccinated and registered prior to sale. For information on available stock, please contact Janie.
Cattle Our registered Red Angus cattle are moderate framed, docile, fertile and low maintenance. Since we feed only grass, hay and free choice minerals, we genetically select for easy fleshing animals with the depth and width needed to have the capacity to excel in a grass-fed program. All adult cattle are vaccinated annually and the calves are vaccinated and wormed at weaning. Whether you have a grass-fed program or a conventional program, our cattle will work for you. We calve in the fall and when herd numbers exceed our carrying capacity we will have calves and a cow or two for sale in late summer or early fall. For information on available stock, please contact Greg.