Pastured Pork

IMG_1706 Our pastured pork comes from Tamworth pigs.  We chose the Tamworth breed for several reasons.  Tamworth’s are a heritage breed and we liked the idea of raising a breed from the past that had not been genetically “improved” to do well in confinement.

Swine breeds can be categorized into two main types: lard type or bacon type.  Tamworth’s are bacon type hogs which have a leaner meat than lard types.  The Tamworth originated in Ireland where it was known as the Irish Grazer for its natural inclination to graze grass – exactly what a grass farm needs.  Tamworth’s are red in color so they don’t sunburn as easily as a white pig and have more heat tolerance than a black pig.  And most importantly, the Tamworth has the reputation for producing excellent tasting meat.

Amber's New Babies 2We raise our pigs in a natural, pastoral environment.  They co-graze the pastures with the  cows and sheep and have access to woods for shade and shelter.  While grazing makes up a significant part of their diet, since they are omnivores and not ruminants, we provide them with a supplemental ration of feed (ground corn, soybean meal, vitamins and minerals).  We do not use farrowing crates.  Our sows farrow out in the pasture in nests we build for them in a sheltered area.  This gives the baby pigs immediate access to fresh air and sunshine and they quickly learn from mama that grass is good.

Our pastured pork not only tastes great, but it is much healthier than grocery store pork.  It is lower in total fat, has a healthier Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio, and more Vitamin A and Vitamin E.  We are currently offering our whole hog sausage.  And we don’t cheat and pull out the select cuts.  Except for the liver and bacon, the meat of the whole hog is ground together to make a delicious sausage.  Our sausage will bring a new excitement to your breakfast.   

16 replies on “Pastured Pork”

  1. I’m interested in a breeding pair of Tamworths, please let me know if you have any available.

  2. Rita Burch says:

    Could you send me info ref. your pork such as price do I preorder can I p/u at your farm? My husband is over in AL working and could P/U he’s only about 30 miles from you. Am looking to buy 1/2 hog but would like to try small amout first.
    I left you a voice mail also you can call or email.
    Thanks Rita

  3. jonathan phillips says:

    hi i live in south ga and i am interested in a breeding pair of tamsworth can you tell me your availablity and price,thanks and god bless

  4. ed updegraff says:

    i’m interested in buying some pork and 1/2 side of beef. do you have any kind of price-list. ty

  5. Jeremy Suter says:

    Hello, I am looking possibly for a breeding trio of tamworth pigs. If you can help that would be great. We are in Goshen Ky , close to Louisville.

    • Tim W says:

      Just curious if you got into the tamworth’s we got two gilts and are looking for a young boar around southern IN (812)354-5523

  6. Jeremy Suter says:

    Hello, I am looking possibly for a breeding trio of tamworth pigs. If you can help that would be great. We are in Goshen Ky , close to Louisville. Thanks

  7. M.L. McKnight says:

    Hey. I am looking for a nice bred gilt if you have any for sale. I’d also be in the market for a pair of open ones if nothing else. I am in Pheba, MS and would have no problem making the drive. Thank you.

  8. courtney says:

    would ike to cosider cooking pork from your your stock for comp BBq contests. Loin, butt, and st louis style ribs. please let me know about aquiring meay from your farm.

    thanks, Courtney

  9. alanna says:

    i represent a restaurant in Atlanta that would love to do some unique stuff with offal. We are a high end irish concept and I was wondering if you had availability on some rare items. I’m looking for pigs blood (for black pudding) sheeps stomach (for haggis) and anything else you might be able to offer. Please let me know if any of that is an option, or if you know anyone in the area who might be able to help me. Thanks!

  10. Anthony Polzine says:

    I am looking at cooking a suckling pig between 12-15 lbs for Thanksgiving I know this is kind of short notice. Would you be able to assist me in getting a price.

  11. Jim McCarthy says:

    Need a 60lb for 11/16. Can you sent me pricing?

  12. chris says:

    Looking into purchasing some pigs to “test” out and forage in some wooded lots by my house. What’s the size that they grow to?

  13. jim klier says:

    We are organic dairy farmers in Northern OH. We sell baby beef and whole cow ground like you offer. We have done lamb and chickens too. We are thinking of starting to offer pork. Do you graze your pigs in the same paddock as the cattle and lambs? How often do oyu move them? How much do they tear up thre paddock? Hope your farm is doing well. Any help oyu can give is much appreciated. Thanks. Jim Klier

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