Meet the Farmers



gregI’m Greg Dennis, and I’m happy and grateful that you’ve taken the time to browse around our web site. Having grown weary of the corporate world and the growth explosion of our then-current residence in Georgia, I started fondly recalling my youth in Iowa and the time spent on my Uncle Dale’s farm. It was Uncle Dale that taught me how to operate a tractor, ride a horse, milk a cow, bale hay, etc. – you know, the essentials of life.





janieMy wife Janie, who also had growing concerns over the environment that her daughters were growing up in with the fast encroaching Atlanta sprawl, warmly recalled her youth on a small farm in rural Maine. It was there that Janie learned how to care for her horses, milk a cow, gather eggs, pluck a chicken, etc. – you know, the essentials of life.







So…after a lot of discussion and prayerful consideration, we decided to pack up the kids, head off to Alabama and the farm where we started on our grand adventure.












Because of our previous farm experiences, we assumed feeding corn was the “natural” way to produce beef. Moving to the farm sparked a new interest in the food our family was eating, how it was produced and how that may affect our health. It was while studying this subject that we learned there was a different way to produce meat, and that there was nothing natural about feeding ruminants grain or keeping pigs in confinement. This new knowledge gave birth to the idea to grow Dennis Farms as a grass farm. With Emily and Rachael’s help, we began the journey of converting Alabama jungle into pasture, building fences, purchasing animals and tackling the 101 other issues involved in building a farm operation from scratch.

While the journey is not complete, and there is still much to accomplish, God has blessed us and we’ve come a long way.

Come see us some time, we are always happy to share the adventure!